Paintless Dent Repair Services Are Our Specialty

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Want to know how Black Hawk Hail Repair LLC got started? It's time for a story.

Back in the '90s, Denver, CO residents were on their own for hail repair services. No one wanted to help the customer. Instead, car maintenance was about serving the company first. It was all about making money and as much of it as possible. That needed to end.

We started our paintless dent repair body shop to put the power back into the customer's hands. We always recommend fixes that are best for you and your car, not our business. If the issue isn't severe, we'll never make it seem like a bigger deal just to make a buck. Expect us to honor you, your car and your budget each time.

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Fast facts about our service team

Need more information about our car maintenance team? Our customers love that we:

  • Have 30 years of paintless dent repair experience
  • Treat each other with the utmost respect
  • Emphasize honesty, integrity and customer service

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